I love to sketch, listen to some great music, explore places and ofcourse, read.

Hi there! I’m Kunal. Currently working as a UX Designer at Lollypop Design Studio in Bangalore, but originally from Indore, India. I like to spend my free time sketching new ideas, writing blogs, design articles( latest on Designpreneurship), practicing tabla or listening to a nice piece of music.

Jazz, Indian Classical and old Hindi film songs are my favourites.
I also like to sing sometimes...( but only in bathroom! )

I aspire to...

Work on problems that grip the world and create a positive impact

Design today is undergoing an amazing transformation. Designers today are no longer just crafts person. They are the innovators, problem discoverers and entrepreneurs.
In this new age of design, I aspire to work on complex issues like healthcare and education.
Please feel to go through my blog analysing Bangalore's traffic problem.

Hobby projects: Short videos

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