Hello! Nice to meet you 👋

I'm Kunal, curious product designer who loves meeting people.

Every designer I know has an amazing story. Mine has been somewhat of a roller coaster ride & here’s is a glimpse of it!

How I discovered my passion...

How I've changed...

I have created stuff throughout my life, whether a course material management app for fellow college mates or creative advertisement for a soap company. I enjoy the creative process.

But over the years I have transformed from being a sole creator to a team collaborator.

Over the years, I have learnt to leverage the creative process within cross-disciplinary teams.
Image of working with team

Sharpning my axe...

I spend time reading biographies, sketching, writing blogs, listening to podcasts and my first love- music.

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Want to grab a coffee? ☕️

I always love meeting and connecting with new people. If you want to grab a coffee or chat, feel free to hit me up on LinkedIn! Hope to speak with you soon.🙂

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